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International Festival Performance Information

The Fall 2022 International Festival will occur on Friday, September 30 from 10 am – 2 pm.

                          I-fest: Dance Performance Schedule 2022


Time Group
 10:20-10:30 India and Nepal traditional cultural dance
10:35-45  Give Away Trivia Question
10:50- 11:05 Give Away Trivia Questions
11:15-11:30 Thai Dance
 11:40-11-55 Korean Pop Appreciation Association or KPAA.
12:00-12:15 Passion Flamenco
 12:20-30 Chinese dance
12:35-12:45 Salsa Knox Dance Company
12:47- 12-55 Vol Tango
 1:00-1:10m  Ramya Kapadia Indian Dance (Ramya) –  Musei no Tora     
  1:20-1:30  Reva Bagi Indian Bollywood dance team  Mayuri
 1:40-1:50   Kendo Club