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International Coffeehouse 101


International Coffeehouse will provide students the opportunity to learn a about another culture through tasting food and coffee of that country.


International Coffeehouse will take place every Wednesday of weeks that classes are in session during long semesters.

Day and Time

Wednesdays, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM, Mary E. Greer Room in Hodges Library.


All costs will be covered by the International House.


The I-House kitchen will be reserved from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM on the Tuesday before International Coffeehouse for food and drink prep; however, host groups may choose to do cooking at other times if the kitchen is available. They may also choose to order a snack or food from an online or local vendor to cut down on preparation time.


While host groups will contribute to staffing the event, main support will come from I-House student assistants. Multiple student assistants will work from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM helping prep, serving food, refilling coffee, and cleaning up. All food and beverages must be ready to serve and transported to the Mary E. Greer Room no later than 12:45 PM.

Student Organizations/Groups Hosting

Student organizations, groups, or departments will sign up to host specific weeks by completing an online form. In the form, groups should provide recipes for what they want to cook and how many people from the group will be able to help cook on the day of the event. The International House will work with these students to help them decide what to cook/buy and provide extra staff to help with cooking if needed.


The International Coffeehouse is designed to provide only a small taste of foods to attendees. Each group will buy or cook 1-2 items for approximately 150 people. Food should be specific to the host country. Prepackaged foods encouraged.


The International House will attempt to obtain coffee and/or tea from the country/region hosting the International Coffeehouse. The drink should be the highlight of the program, more so than the food, and should be prepared as authentically as possible.

Cultural Component

During International Coffeehouse, hosting organizations are welcome to have a table with information about their organization. The UTK library staff will also provide an informative presentation at each week’s Coffeehouse.