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International Students

Friendship Program

Want to become friends with students from all around the world? The friendship program is designed to pair international and domestic students with the goal of developing lifelong friendships and helping students feel at home in a country other than their own. After filling out a survey, participants are paired based on compatibility and then introduced at our Reveal Mixer!

The International House will host two additional Friendship Program mixers during the semester for participants to spend time with their partner and engage in a fun activity together. In addition, partners are expected to meet up outside of official mixers at least a couple of times a month in order to continue developing the friendship and forming a bond. Suggestions for these meet ups include going on American Cultural Experience trips together, stopping by International Coffeehouse, or even just hanging out in the I-House lobby to chat.

The Fall 2019 Friendship Program is now closed. Please check back in early Spring 2020 to apply.