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Ihouse events

World Showcase

The World Showcase highlights a selected country, region, or cultural group with a week-long series of events that share its customs, traditions, languages, and more. The showcase is hosted two times each semester and features with a different focus each time. It includes events such as an engaging lecture, a cooking demonstration, International Coffeehouse, and a culture night.

The typical schedule of events during the World Showcase include:

To kick off World Showcase week, a representative from the host group is provided the platform to give an informational lecture. The speaker may be a student or a faculty member and the topic is fully up to them, and they are given full creative liberty. This can include geography, traditional foods, traditional entertainment, etc. Expected attendance: 30–45 people.

Day: Monday

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 p.m.

Location: I-House Great Room

Cooking demonstration, also known as Cooking Demo, is an opportunity for students to cook a popular, small dish from the region being highlighted. The student group will have a table set up at the front of the Great Room where one or two volunteers will guide the students in the preparation of the dish. There will also be other student volunteers from the host region walking around and assisting those in attendance. At the end of the cooking demo, all students are welcome to eat their snack. Expected attendance: 50–75 people. The International House provides the funding for this event.

Day: Tuesday

Time: 6–7:30 p.m.

Location: I-House Great Room

World Showcase Coffeehouse follows the same procedure as International Coffeehouse. The hosting organization will help the I-House staff procure authentic coffee or tea to serve alongside a snack from the featured group’s culture. The library staff often prepares a small table with information about the host region. Please see International Coffeehouse Info sheet for more information.

Expected attendance: 150–175 people.

Day: Wednesday

Time: 1:00– 3:00 p.m.

Location: Mary E. Greer room in Hodges Library

Culture Night is the centerpiece of World Showcase Week. The student group hosting provides a full meal (either catered from a restaurant or prepared by them) and organizes several types of entertainment for the night. This can include informational PowerPoints, trivia, traditional dancing and music, and more. The group is given total creative liberty to represent their region in the best way they see fit. The International House provides the funding for this event.

Day: Thursday

Time: 6:00– 7:30 p.m.

Location: I-House Great Room

These events are hosted in collaboration by a student group, faculty experts, and the I-House staff and involve unique activities, food, and people! World Showcase is a great way to learn about another culture or share your own!

Past World Showcases

  • November 7th – 11th featuring Bangladesh

Interested in Hosting a World Showcase?

Email Lauren at to learn more!