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A colorful truck drives on a rural road through the Pakistan mountains

Photo Contest

Announcing our Spring 2021 Photo Contest Winners!

Have you ever felt a sense of connection with the world around you, or have you ever seen it? Connection is versatile. It is shown through everything, whether it be through family, a bridge, or even the wires connected to your computer. There are so many ways to view connection; you can witness how people connect in a culture you are unfamiliar with, you can feel connected to a culture you’ve always known, etc. Despite differences in cultures, languages, and beliefs…the world is connected in infinite ways. You have been connected to someone or something in every aspect of your life. So, what does connection look like to you?

The Spring 2021 International Photo Contest is a platform for current students to submit photos that they believe best represents a moment of “connection.” This contest is held each semester, and prize are awarded to the winners, which are voted on by a panel of judges. The top 10 entries are displayed in the International House Community Room for the duration of the semester, and the top three photographers receive a gift card. Photo submissions will follow the theme of “connection” through submission of a picture that depicts a moment of connection.

Check back in soon for information about the Fall 2021 Photo Contest!